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Over 200 policy options available

Critical Illness cover available too

An expert Adviser helps you to make the right choice.

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How can we do it? Teamwork!

We can say we provide cheap life insurance until we're blue in the face - but you won't be totally convinced until we've proved it to you.

We have teamed up with LifeSearch, one of the leading brokers in the UK for low cost life insurance. LifeSearch has used its huge buying power to command some simply amazing deals from all the UK's top life insurance companies. Names like Norwich Union, Fortis, Legal & General, Friends Provident, Liverpool Victoria and Aegon Scottish Equitable.

So buy your life insurance the LifeSearch way and you'll get a policy from a top named life insurance company for a lot less! In the internet world, only the highly efficient and really cheap survive !!

But please remember, besides a cheap price there are other factors you need to consider. Some policies may have special features that could be especially important for you. That's why we'll arrange for a Life Insurance Adviser to phone you from LifeSearch. He or she can talk you through the quotations and advise you about the options you have available. The Adviser will then help you make a clear comparison and a wise choice.

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What insurance do you need?

I would like a lump sum if I die or become terminally ill. >> You need Life Insurance >>
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I would like my mortgage paid off if I die or become terminally ill. >> You need Mortgage Insurance >>
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I would like my monthly mortgage repayments paid for me if I’m off work due to illness, accident or unemployment >> You need Accident Sickness and Unemployment Insurance (this link takes you straight to Brokers Online.) >>
Brokers Online Income Protection
I would like a lump sum if I become critically or seriously ill. >> You need Critical Illness Insurance >>
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I want a monthly income to be paid my family if I die. This income should continue until the policy comes to an end. >> You need Family Income Benefit Insurance >>
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They were so helpful and patient. It was not as complicated as I had feared and in the end I saved about £240 a year on my Policy."
Mrs. A.C.G, Warwickshire