THIS IS MONEY BACK is a trading name of Life Policies Direct Ltd.

Life Policies Direct is a leading firm of financial advisers providing low-cost life insurance direct to the customer, using the most competitive policies available from UK insurance companies. The Company operates through a telephone, postal and internet service and under its 'price promise' will beat any other quotation for life insurance currently on the market in the UK on a like for like basis.

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What is the difference between a Life Insurance Broker and a Life Insurance Company?
A Life Insurance Company is the organisation that actually writes your policy and covers the policy risk. It is also their name that appears on your policy documents and it is their duty to make any payouts if you make a claim.
What is the difference between a Guaranteed and Reviewable life insurance policy?
With a “Guaranteed” policy the Life Company guarantees that it will never increase the premium.....
What is Whole of Life?
A Whole of Life Assurance policy has no predetermined termination date and it will continue in force until the policyholder dies or they surrender the policy.
What is Critical illness Insurance?
Critical Illness Insurance pays an lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness or critical illness.
Laws and Life Insurance
The following Questions represent the legal aspects of Life Insurance we think you will be most interested in. The information is not definitive nor is it exhaustive but simply an introduction into the legalities involved.

The company has established excellent relationships with all the major providers including Norwich Union, Legal & General and Scottish Equitable and can boast their own dedicated processing team with most providers. Through careful control of its own costs and the employment of modern technology, Life Policies Direct Ltd is able to offer the most competitive rates on the market, combined with a highly personal service .

Life Policies Direct is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and will provide free quotes over the phone backed up by a promise to send a written quote to the client within 24 hours on every occasion.

Life Policies Direct 's service is strenghtened further by the fact that wherever possible, enquirers speak to a Life Policies Direct representative during the course of the sales process, to ensure the client gets the best policy for their requirements.

The company is confident that its post-sales service is top class. All applications are returned to Life Policies Direct where they are fully checked for errors and omissions by experienced staff before being forwarded to the relevant insurance companies for processing. Their comprehensive back office systems ensure all applications are progressed as quickly as possible to ensure minimum delay to the client. In addition the Company has utilised leading technology where possible to establish on-line capability with many of the providers such that immediate, same day cover can be obtained in many cases.

In addition, if a policy has stayed in force over 4 years, the company will automatically review its customer's options and send them details of a newer and more competitive offer if available.

Life Polices Direct was founded by two experienced Independent Financial Advisors, Simon Platt and Jason King , in May 1999. In 2005 the company merged with Torquil Clark Ltd but trades as a seperate division under the name THIS IS MONEY BACK.

Life Policies Direct Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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