Can I get an Instant Quote for Life Insurance?

No - not through this website, because we believe that to get the right life insurance, you need to talk to a professional. Some high street Insurance Brokers, Banks, some superstores and most companies who market using tele-sales, can provide you with instant quotes (you will often see these companies advertising in the standard media and also on TV). However, be aware that most Banks and Superstores only provide a quote from the one Insurance Company they are tied to work with. This means that they are unlikely to be as competitive as a discount broker who can search many Life companies for the cheapest policy.

In our experience, 10% of web sites can provide you with a quotation whilst you’re online. Some sites will even allow you to download the documents and the application form then and there, although in practice often there is additional information provided within a typical application pack.

The information required to provide a quote, whether it be an online quote or a quote request form, will include your date of birth, whether you smoke, how much you want to be insured for and for how long (the cover level and the term of cover). If you require a joint policy, they will need the same details about the other person to be insured by the policy. Don’t be concerned as the information to obtain a quote should be very simple to answer. The whole process should take around 2 or 3 minutes to complete. Then you will be contacted within 24 hours by a professional life insurance adviser. Not too bad considering the savings you could make!