Complaints about a Life Insurance Adviser

All the Life Insurance Adviser are now regulated by the Financial Services Authority. At the first opportunity you will have been provided with his Terms and Conditions at his very first meeting with you. Within that document you will find details of how to complain.

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If my policy is “Rated”, what does this mean?
If your policy is “rated” it means that the insurance company believes you represent an above average risk of a claim.
What is Whole of Life?
A Whole of Life Assurance policy has no predetermined termination date and it will continue in force until the policyholder dies or they surrender the policy.
What is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?
Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance will pay your monthly mortgage repayments if you were off work because of sickness, an accident or unemployment.
What is Terminal Illness Insurance?
Terminal Illness Insurance pays out if you are diagnosed with an illness from which you are expected to die within 12 months of diagnosis.
Complaints about a Life Insurance Company
If you want to make a complaint to a Life Insurance Company (that is the company which issues your insurance policy), you should write to their Compliance Director.

All web sites selling financial services are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. All these web sites will contain their Terms and Conditions of Business which will include details of a complaints procedure.