Complaints about a Life Insurance Company

If you want to make a complaint to a Life Insurance Company (that is the company which issues your insurance policy), you should write to their Compliance Director.

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What is the difference between a Life Insurance Broker and a Life Insurance Company?
A Life Insurance Company is the organisation that actually writes your policy and covers the policy risk. It is also their name that appears on your policy documents and it is their duty to make any payouts if you make a claim.
Is the price I get quoted the price I get charged?
We are afraid the answer is “it depends” upon many factors.
Will my life insurance premiums increase over time?
The answer to this question depends upon whether you have a normal “Guaranteed” policy, a “Guaranteed indexed linked policy” or a “Reviewable” policy.
Laws and Life Insurance
The following Questions represent the legal aspects of Life Insurance we think you will be most interested in. The information is not definitive nor is it exhaustive but simply an introduction into the legalities involved.
The Financial Services Authority
Who is the Financial Services Authority? (FSA)........

You will find full details how to complain under “complaints procedure” within the Booklet issued by the insurance company. This booklet will have been sent to you before you took out your policy.

The insurance company will have to reply to you in writing detailing the results of their investigations.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the insurance company’s investigations and you have financially lost out, you can write to the Financial Ombudsman Service. They will conduct a separate independent investigation. The results of their investigation and their recommendations, including any level of compensation, are usually binding on both you and the insurance company.

You will find more information about complaints on the Financial Services Authority’s web site that is