Complaints about misleading advertising on the Internet

If you believe that a web site is misleading then you should contact the Advertising Standards Authority. Their web site ( gives you details of how to make a formal complaint.

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What is Term Life Insurance?
Term Life Insurance is a category of insurance that will payout a lump sum to you or your family if you die or fall terminally ill during the term of the policy.
What is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?
Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance will pay your monthly mortgage repayments if you were off work because of sickness, an accident or unemployment.
What is Family Income Benefit Insurance?
Family Income Benefit Insurance will provide a monthly payment to the family until the end of the policy’s term, following the death of the policyholder.
How is a claim made?
All claims are made against the Life Company who issued your policy. You will find details of the claims procedure within the policy documents they provide with your policy and in the key features document.
Does a UK Life Insurance policy work abroad?
Life Insurance contracts offered by UK Life Companies are legally constructed to apply to people living in the UK and can be sold only to a UK resident at the time the policy is sold.

If you have purchased insurance through the web site, another good remedy is to write to your insurance company. Address your complaint to the Compliance Director. They will formally acknowledge your complaint and investigate. They do not have a formal responsibility for policing their “retailers” but in all probability they will be interested, as they will not want to be associated with any site that misleads.