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Life Insurance is a strange product - it is both simple and tricky to buy all at the same time. By this we mean that whilst the core product is simple, there are aspects that require a bit of special knowledge if the online buyer is to really get the product variant that's best for them. Therefore, our web site provides a comprehensive bank of FAQ's to enable prospective purchasers to expand their understanding of life insurance prior to asking for a quotation. This provides the client with confidence in the online buying process and this translates into a higher conversion of quotes.

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You can ask for a Reciprocal or 3 Way Back Link. Webmasters throughout the world are increasingly moving to 3 Way Linking and that is our preferred system. If you link to Express and want a 3 Way Back Link, we will link back to you from either www(DOT)scrouge-online.co.uk or www(DOT)critical-illness-safeguard.co.uk (at our discretion). Both these sites are PR5's and both major on life insurance.

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Our Linking Policy.

We have just two criteria:

  • Your link must be "On Topic". This means that your site must be either based in Finance with a specific Life Insurance or Insurance Directory/Resources page. OR, if your site does not have a specific Life Insurance or Insurance Directory/Resources page, your site must major on either Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance or Mortgage Insurance.
  • Your linking page MUST have a recent cashe in Google. We are not bothered about the PR on your linking page.

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Firstly, post a link to us. Then email simon@andromedawebs.co.uk with the location of your link and your linking details (preferably the actual code you want us to use). Please note, we will not display your logo.

2 Linking Code Options for our Home Page.

<p><a href="http://www.thisismoneyback.co.uk">Life assurance, Term life insurance policy</a></p><p>Express Life Insurance gives you access to all the best deals on life assurance, life insurance, term assurance and much more.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.thisismoneyback.co.uk">Life insurance, mortgage insurance</a></p><p>Express Life Insurance gives you access to all the best deals on life assurance, life insurance, term assurance and much more.</p>

Linking Code for our FAQ Menu

<p><a href="http://www.thisismoneyback.co.uk/faqs.htm">Life Insurance Information</a></p><p>Express Life Insurance provides essential information if you are about to buy UK life insurance.</p>

Interested in a Multi Site Link Exchange?

The link building for Express Life Insurance is undertaken by Andromeda Webs Ltd. Andromeda specialise in Financial Webs Sites with over 30 sites in life insurance/critical illness insurance/mortgage insurance/mortgage protection insurance/home & contents insurance/car insurance/medical insurance/mortgages/loans/and credit card markets. If you are interested in a multi site link swap, please email simon@andromedawebs.co.uk providing details of your sites.

Interested in republishing one of our Articles? We ARE interested in articles you write!

If you are interested in republishing any of our Articles or some of our informative material on your own web site, then please email sheila@andromedawebs.co.uk for assistance. We will expect a link back to accredit us as the original authors but apart from that, this service is completely free.

We are constantly writing new articles and these are available for you to publish. If you would like to receive advance copies of these articles, simply email sheila@andromedawebs.co.uk to be added to our emailing list.

Finally, if you release an article and you feel the content is complementary to our website, please email simon@andromedawebs.co.uk with a copy. The information will be reviewed and, if accepted, we will add a courtesy backlink to accredit you as the author. In return, we will require a link from your site to the home page of another of our financial sites (a 3 Way Link).

By the way, contrary to popular belief, you will not be penalised for republishing limited amounts of material already indexed by a search engine. The central problem with "duplicate copy" only occurs if you duplicate copy within your own web site. Having said that, if you made an exact copy of a website we expect (although we have never tested it!), that this WOULD result in a duplicate content penalty.