How is a claim made under a life insurance policy?

All claims are made against the Life Company who issued your policy. You will find details of the claims procedure within the policy documents they provide with your policy and in the key features document.

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Can I get an Instant Quote?
No - not through this website, because we believe that to get the right insurance, you need to talk to a professional.
What is Terminal Illness Insurance?
Terminal Illness Insurance pays out if you are diagnosed with an illness from which you are expected to die within 12 months of diagnosis.
UK Life Insurance and Laws in the European Union
All Life Insurance policies sold by UK based Life Companies cannot be sold to residents in other EU countries.
Complaints about a Life Insurance Company
If you want to make a complaint to a Life Insurance Company (that is the company which issues your insurance policy), you should write to their Compliance Director.
Complaints about a Life Insurance Adviser
All the Life Insurance Adviser aqre now regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

However, if you, or your dependents, are unsure how to proceed with a claim, then contact the agent or broker who arranged the policy on your behalf. You can normally find details of the broker who arranged your policy within the insurance documentation. They will be help you.

If a policyholder does die, the insurance company can make the payment quite fast- but there are several procedures you must follow to ensure this is done correctly. Firstly you must find the insurance policy documents in question and make a note of the policy’s number. Then contact the Life company. They will then dispatch a claims form. Whilst this claim form is en-route you will need to get a certified copy of the death certificate. Your funeral director will help you with this.
When the claim form arrives, fully complete the details and return the form to the Life Company together with the policy documents. Use recorded delivery, these documents are your proof of the insurance policy.

The Life Company will pay the claim promptly once they receive all the documents and they have been verified.

What happens if the insurance policy cannot be found?

Don’t worry. It’s fairly common to loose a policy document! You will be able to trace the Life Company through the premium payments made from the deceased’s bank. Then phone the Life Company and they’ll sort it all out for you.

A Life Insurance policy written “in Trust” will ensure that, the money goes directly and quickly to the people you specified on the trust document. It will also avoid all Inheritance Tax. That could save you upto of your inheritance. It is quick and easy to have a policy “written in trust” and the helpdesks of most web sites will make the arrangements for you.