Initial Disclosure



The Financial Services Authority (FSA)

The FSA is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services. It requires us to give you this document. Use this information to decide if our services are right for you

Who operates this web site?

This web site is operated by Andromeda Webs Ltd under an agreement with Ecommerce Technologies Ltd. In this context, Andromeda Webs Ltd shall be deemed to have provided the web site service and this Initial Disclosure Document to you.

Whose products do we offer?

Our policy is to appoint various specialists in life insurance, critical Illness insurance, mortgages, loans and various other insurances to provide the advice and service you require. Therefore, strictly speaking, this web site does not offer any financial product. We do however, provide you with general information and background that we hope will be of assistance to you. Please be aware that the general information and background which we do provide, should not be interpreted as advice given to you personally.

For Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance, your details are passed on to THIS IS MONEY BACK who will provide all the advice you require and they can arrange the insurance for you.

We work with a wide range of specialists when it comes to mortgages and loans. After you have provided the details of your enquiry, computers will decide which specialist is best placed to assist you and we will tell you that specialists name before you leave our web site.

For Accident Sickness and Unemployment Insurance, we transfer you to a web site operated by British Insurance Ltd which is an expert in this field.

For Home & Contents Insurance and Car Insurance we display the names of the companies we recommend so that you can click on their names and be automatically transferred to their web site. You will then be able to obtain a quotation and buy online.

Which service will we provide you with?

You will not receive personal advice or a recommendation from us . We may ask some questions to enable the specialists mentioned above to provide you with an appropriate quotation or further information. You will then need to make your own choice about how to proceed.

What will you have to pay us for our services?

Our service is provided to you totally free of charge. We may however, receive commission or fees from the specialists to whom we have referred you enquiry.

What to do if you have a complaint

If you wish to register a complaint, please contact Andromeda Webs either:

.in writing. Address your complaint to "Feedback", Andromeda Webs Ltd, Tudor Cott, Macclesfield Road, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AL

OR by telephone on 01477 535920