What is Whole of Life?

A Whole of Life Assurance policy has no predetermined termination date and it will continue in force until the policyholder dies or they surrender the policy. When the policyholder dies, the payout will be either the sum assured or the sum total of all the investment bonuses including the terminal bonus, whichever is larger. Please be aware that in recent years, some insurance companies have altered the method that they allocate bonuses - so check carefully before purchase.

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Can I get an Instant Quote?
No - not through this website, because we believe that to get the right insurance, you need to talk to a professional.
If my policy is “Rated”, what does this mean?
If your policy is “rated” it means that the insurance company believes you represent an above average risk of a claim.
What are the most common optional extras available?
When considering the purchase of a life insurance policy you are almost certainly going to be offered additional extras that maybe added to the plan. The following three are the most common: -
Laws and Life Insurance
The following Questions represent the legal aspects of Life Insurance we think you will be most interested in. The information is not definitive nor is it exhaustive but simply an introduction into the legalities involved.
The Financial Services Authority
Who is the Financial Services Authority? (FSA)........

The value of the annual bonuses and terminal bonus will be determined by the performance of the Insurance Company’s investments.

As time passes and more and more bonuses are added to your policy, the investment value of your policy increases. If you need cash, this value can be unlocked by surrendering the policy to the Life Company. The Life Company will be able to tell you in more details how this process actually works. { home insurance }

Please be aware that Whole of Life policies are classified by the FSA as an investment product and can only be sold by a qualified and registered Financial Adviser. The Financial Adviser would be required get a clear understanding of your circumstances before making any recommendations to you. Therefore, you cannot buy a Whole of Life policy online.