Will I need a medical?

This depends upon your medical history and the exact plan you have chosen.

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How does my age affect my premium?
Age is one of the most influencing variables that affect the premium for any given form of life insurance policy.
Will my medical history affect my premium?
Yes it will. When an Life company decides how much to charge you, it works out the statistical chances of you dieing within the term of the proposed policy
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Yes you will. But first let us give you the usual Life Company’s definition of a smoker:
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After you receive your initial quotation, the Life Company will require you to complete an application form. The application form will contain a section about your past and present health record and a few questions about your mother and father’s health record.

From this information, the Life Company will decide whether it requires more information about your health. This does not necessarily mean that you will need to have a medical examination as in the majority of such cases, the Company writes to your GP for information (you will have to sign an authority allowing the Life Company to approach your doctor.)

The Insurance Company may also decide that it needs a second opinion or an completely up to date report on your health. In these circumstances the Life Company will require you to take a medical.

A medical can be a short visit to your home by a nurse or a more detailed assessment at a Doctors surgery. Either way, the Life Company will meet the full cost of the medical.

The medical report belongs to the Life Company and but you can specify to see a copy of the report. If anything of concern is discovered within either an medical or a doctors report, the Life Company or Doctor will usually let you know.

Finally, we would remind you that you must be totally truthful when you complete your application form. If you fail to disclose anything they ask you about or you fail to tell the truth, then any subsequent claim will be invalidated.