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Andromeda Webs and or “we” and/or “us” refers to Andromeda Webs Limited a limited company registered in England under company number 04951061.

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We aim to put our web site visitors in touch with providers of the specialised financial services which our visitors have been searching for.

We display information on our web site that is provided to us by financial service providers and we take reasonable effort to display such information as a correct and accurate copy or précis of the information they have provided.

We also display what we believe to be helpful and useful generic financial articles for the assistance of those who wish to find out more about financial services and financial service markets in general.

However, we do not guarantee, certify, recommend or in any way promote any financial service advised on our site by a financial service provider, nor do we check or test the accuracy or completeness of any information they have provided.

When we display generic articles on our site we do not in any way guarantee, certify, recommend or in any way promote any view or comment put forward in such article. Any views expressed in those articles are the personal views of the authors of those articles and are in no way endorsed by us. All generic articles are displayed without alteration but we reserve the right to refuse to display or to delete an article if we feel that is in the public interest or that the article might provide offence.

Nothing on our web site is intended to be considered as, or otherwise taken as being, personal financial advice or a personal recommendation of a financial service or product.

We take reasonable care to check that the information we display is an accurate copy or précis of the information provided to us but our responsibility goes no further than that. Information may change with time and you are strongly advised to check any information that you may later use or rely on in coming to a decision about the service or product you wish to purchase and to check the continued validity of that information directly with the product or service provider.

You may wish to seek independent financial advice. Nothing in these terms and conditions prevents you from doing that and we would always recommend that you consider obtaining independent advice where that would be appropriate. We do not provide personal independent financial advice.

Nothing in these terms and conditions prevents you from shopping around and we are happy for you to compare the services and products displayed on this web site with any others in the market place.

Andromeda Webs does not act on your behalf and does not act in any way as your agent or adviser.

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This web site.

By using this web site you agree that Andromeda Webs has no responsibility to review or check the accuracy of the content displayed on this web site and all communications on this webs site are made available on the basis that we shall not be required to exercise any control, judgement or selection over the content of the material posted hosted or contained hereon.

The use of this service is free to web site visitors so long as you abide by and agree these terms and condition of use. Andromeda Webs may receive a fee or commission from third party financial service providers who display information or provide information to us for display on our site.

This web site is intended to be of interest to a wide audience and therefore no information on this site should be considered as specific to meet your unique needs or situation.

Your use of this web site.

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When providing us with an e-mail address, postal address or telephone number you agree that we may use that contact point to provide you with information about any service we, or our product partners or the financial service providers named on this web site , can provide.

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The web site and service is provided on an ‘as is basis’ and you agree that it is your obligation to check that this web site and service is suitable for your needs. Nothing contained in this web site should be construed as providing advice or recommendation.


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You agree that we shall not be liable for any reduction or failure in the service that is outside of their reasonable control or results from an unforeseen contingency.

Privacy policy.

Andromeda Webs Limited is registered under the Data Protection Act under registration number Z889393X. You can check these details out on the Information Commissioners Office web site

We will take reasonable care of the information you submit to us and only use the information provided for under the Data Protection Act and as allowed under our data protection registration.

If you are providing information on behalf of another person you agree that you have obtained whatever permission, authority and agency is required to allow us to use that information as detailed in this privacy policy and to agree these terms and conditions on their behalf.

You agree that by providing us with information, we may use this information to provide the service to you that you have requested and that we may also pass this information (and any agreements and authorities you have provided in connection with that information) on to other companies supplying related financial services which we believe you may be interested in.

You accept that we have duties to provide your information to regulatory, legal, governmental bodies, and the Financial Ombudsman’s Service if requested by them to provide such information.

You agree and accept that we may pass the information you have provided to firms that provide us with corporate and professional advice where this is required for the operation and control of our business. This shall include the backing up of our stored data.

You agree that any communication that may or may not include personal data can be sent to the address, telephone number and e-mail address provided to us by you.